Amazon SES Wordpress Plugin with DKIM Support

Anatta Develops Amazon SES WordPress Plugin

Amazon SES WordPress Plugin with DKIM Support.

Click here to get it – more details coming soon

3 Comments to Anatta Develops Amazon SES WordPress Plugin

  1. Marcus Freudenmann

    Hello Anatta

    I have installed your plugin and it works like a charm but i am not certain of the speed and how many emails are sent per minute.
    I have just imported over 9000 members from Aweber and would like to send a newsletter via wysija newsletter plugin, but do not want to kill my server and also do not want to have this newsletter sending a week.

    How can I see or find out how fast it will send and if it uses all the resources on my server before jumping into the cold water.

    Kind regards

  2. Joseph

    Plugin seems to work pretty well. Thank you for your hard work.
    Suggestion for a new feature. Since amazon required verified senders, it might be helpful to allow a only a list of email address that will be sent through amazon, and then have any other email addresses fail over to the local smtp or other smtp server.

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