Finally, After 8 Long Years

Anatta Secures the Domain

We had originally bid for the domain at auction in 2003, shortly after Anatta Limited was first registered in the UK. Unfortunately we lost to a bidder who was willing to pay a whopping US$4,000 for it, forcing us to settle for the .net domain.

We had previously tried to buy the from the previous owner but it was clear that he was unwilling to sell.  Even though the domain had never even hosted a website, the owner had registered a number of trademarks to use ‘Anatta’ for perfume, watches and even a restaurant.

We were very surprised when we received an alert that the domain had not renewed on 28 April. We assumed it was an oversight that would be rectified as soon as the owner realised.  Perhaps the credit card he on file had expired, or he had changed his email address and didn’t receive a renewal notice. Whatever the reason, this was the first time the 8 years that the domain had not been automatically renewed.

In the land of domain registration, possession is ten tenths of the law.  If he did not renew within the following grace period, we had an opportunity to grab it for ourselves.

Next followed an anxious 40 day wait while the registrar kept the domain open exclusively for the previous owner to have a final chance to renew.  Fortunately for us he didn’t, but it was not over yet.

Rather than returning the domain to the pool for re-registration, DomainDiscover (the domain’s registrar) had sneakily renewed the domain themselves and had peddled it to a domain broker with whom we had to negotiate.

After some back and forth using a couple of proxy servers and anonymous email accounts (so as not to reveal our association with Anatta, or ownership of any other “anatta” domain); at 3.11am HKT on 8th June, a deal was struck at a price that was a fraction of the US$4,000 that it previously sold for.

The transfer went extremely smoothly and in a matter of hours, we had moved away from DomainDiscover to our preferred registrar. Not wanting to take any chances, we also immediately renewed it for the maximum period of 10 years.

We’re sure that there were many more productive ways in we could have celebrated, but as creative technology geeks, we don’t need many excuses to play with our toys! Such an ‘epic’ moment in Anatta’s history deserves an ‘epic’ announcement.

This ‘movie trailer’ project took just under 3 hours to complete, using just a MacBook Air, Adobe After Effects and about a litre of Starbucks coffee!

We’ve also posted a HD (1080p) version on our YouTube Channel.


4 Comments to Anatta Secures the Domain

  1. Shelley


  2. miller

    well done guys, would have never sold it, love the name: but lost wallet, changed pc, and an honest spoonful of distraction saw fate pass the name. take care of it, its a great name.

  3. @miller. Thanks for taking the time to comment. Really sorry to have acquired the domain this way, we guessed that it must have been an oversight.

    I hope that you’re able to get your Anatta ventures off the ground someday soon. When you do, let us know – we love the name too and would be happy to help in any way we can to get things moving.

  4. kunal

    You are lucky to get it. cheers!

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