White Water Rafting

White Water Rafting

White Water Rafting

White water rafting is an exciting and sometimes dangerous sport involving speed, strength, the ability to anticipate coupled with rapid decisioning, courage and perhaps a little luck – but of course winners make their own luck.

The first and most obvious lesson about white water rafting is that fact that one is going down river.  Expert rafters know this through a combination of experience and intuition overcoming the natural reaction to paddle up river or away from obstacles.  By paddling with the river and when appropriate towards obstacles, expert rafters gain a measure of control ultimately negotiating the rapids safely and often very quickly.

Anatta is the expert rafter who will help you negotiate the unavoidable rapids of change – constructively with positive energy and ahead of the competition while having fun.

Despite what most people say, the human being does not naturally or enthusiastically seek change; yet our global business environment is defined by change.  One might say the only unifying constant is change.  Businesses, and in particular Financial Services, are familiar with the need to change, or more accurately to effectively manage change, particularly given events over the last 3 years.

Most analysts agree that Financial Services equities worldwide are deeply discounted primarily due to the uncertainty of today’s ever changing regulatory environment.  This environment creates an enormous load on every Financial Services organisation’s ability to identify and manage change.

In summary, Financial Services organisations large and small that learn to effectively manage regulatory change will outperform those whom analysts deem ineffective at doing so.

Enter Anatta.  Change is in the name – indeed it is the name.  Change feeds us, drives us and compels us to grow.  Anatta embodies the effective management of change channeling this inescapable environmental necessity into positive operational innovation.

Anatta knows, understands and is deeply passionate about helping others embrace, leverage and most of all respect change.


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