Lean Six Sigma

Delivering innovation and quality

Many organisations are struggling to improve their operating performance in response to market demands for lower costs, higher-quality products and services, shorter lead times, and higher returns on investment.

Lean Six Sigma (LSS) is a management methodology that delivers significant results by uncovering process waste, reducing non-value adding activity and increasing quality, productivity, customer retention and customer attraction.

Despite many documented cases of organisations leveraging LSS to achieve operational excellence, others struggle to apply LSS concepts and tools to their business model. This is particularly true for service organisations where skill and experience is often required to make LSS’s manfacturing and production-centric terms and tools relevant.

LSS does not just deliver process improvement and cost reduction.  Applied beyond a tactical level, it can be used to surface significant innovation opportunities, to prioritise and align scarce resources and for dynamic strategic planning.

Anatta helps clients properly plan, implement and manage their LSS programme, ensuring that they deliver tangible, significant impact.

We provide a full range of training and coaching services enabling individuals and teams to achieve breakthrough performance through the successful application of LSS to their business challenges and opportunities.

Example services:
  • Training courses / workshops / online (Green Belt, Black Belt, Master Black Belt, Executive, Awareness)
  • Project Leader Coaching/Support (online, face to face)
  • Belt Certification (Green Belt, Black Belt, Master Black Belt)
  • Lean Six Sigma Project Execution
  • Deployment architecture
  • Lean Six Sigma Best Practice audit