Business Process Management

Do you have your finger on the pulse of your business?

Processes are your most critical business asset. They differentiate your products and services and are the source of value to your customers and shareholders.

Yet for many organisations, process knowledge is confined to the minds of key individuals. Workflows are ad-hoc and unmanaged, with email being the preferred medium for routing work. Process costs and performance are often unknown and unmanaged.

Business process management (BPM) aligns business process performance and results with the core competencies, strategic objectives and business goals of the organisation.

Proper understanding, documenting, monitoring and controlling business processes facilitates consistent execution.  Monitoring and management of processes and key inputs in real-time allows early intervention, preventing issues escalating downstream.

Organisations that lack BPM often spend unnecessary time chasing and dealing with process-related problems. Time spent on resolving problems limits the time that is available to focus on growth and innovation.

Anatta can assist you to define and implement a more disciplined approach to process management.

Combining BPM with Lean Six Sigma facilitates the design or improvement of business processes to meet or exceed the expectations of customers, while simultaneously achieving organisational goals (E.g. cost, capital, risk and revenue).