Leveraging Diversity

Is your diversity initiative delivering tangible value?

How do you measure diversity? Many organisations are seeking to increase the number of women in senior positions, or to shift the demographic profile of their employee base.

Of course, these metrics have their part to play at ensuring a balanced team, but does targeting diversity in this manner truly deliver a sustainable competitive advantage?

At Anatta, we have pioneered the application of ʻstrengthsʼ to harness the unique and diverse experiences, perspectives and capabilities within each individual of your organisation. By focusing on developing the diversity of strengths, you can transcend discussions of gender, ethnicity or age.

You can truly focus on building a balanced organisation, whose diversity delivers real business impact.

We help you to uncover the different strengths and talents in your organisation and to develop a pragmatic approach to draw upon and focus this talent, maximising engagement, quality, productivity and innovation.