Executive Effectiveness

Who can you turn to to support your own growth?

Sitting at the pinnacle of an organisation or function, leaders often only have partial information about what’s going on around them and the impact of their decisions and behaviours on subordinates, peers and clients.

In order to grow and be able to adapt to a continually changing environment, leaders need feedback and information; both about their environment and the impact that they have upon it.

Employees naturally want to appear engaged and optimistic so they may suppress negative information, or be fearful of challenging leadership decisions or behaviours. As a result, upward information flows often have a positive bias which is even more acute when seeking candid personal feedback.

Drawing on our experience with executive leaders of multinational organisations, we are able to provide objective insight, information, and advice that can only come from an external and objective perspective. Our partnership will support and enhance your efforts to:

  • Improve your leadership effectiveness – understand and leverage your strengths and motivations; recognise and mitigate your weaknesses
  • Develop an effective and engaged senior team – align goals, role expectations, performance quantification and compensation,  decision making processes and empowerment
  • Narrow the gap between the impact of your actions and decisions and your original intent – encourage and embrace candid negative feedback as well as positive, open and maintain real-time, multi-source feedback channels
  • Plan succession and position yourself for your next role – increasing your capacity to assume greater and more complex responsibilities whilst ensuring a smooth transition for your successor and for the business.