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Anatta Launches Operational Innovation™ Read more »

Anatta Launches Operational Innovation™

Anatta is proud to launch Operational Innvovation™. Helping Banks and funds achieve and sustain breakthrough performance.

Anatta Secures the Domain Read more »

Anatta Secures the Domain

We had originally bid for the domain at auction in 2003, shortly after Anatta Limited was first registered in the UK. Unfortunately we lost to a bidder who was willing to pay a whopping US$4,000 for it, forcing us to settle for the .net…

White Water Rafting Read more »

White Water Rafting

White water rafting is an exciting and sometimes dangerous sport involving speed, strength, the ability to anticipate coupled with rapid decisioning, courage and perhaps a little luck – but of course winners make their own luck. The first and most obvious lesson about white water…

Effective meetings through participation Read more »

Effective meetings through participation

How often to you call a meeting to discuss an important issue or opportunity and only the usual suspects speak up.  Everyone else is quiet and their experience and opinions go unheard. Truly leveraging the power of the team and meaningful contribution is the key…

Make your best work obsolete Read more »

Make your best work obsolete

You solved a big problem in a meaningful way; you made a big improvement in something important; you brought new thinking to an old paradigm; you created something from nothing. Unfortunately, the easy part is over. You have created the new baseline, the new starting…

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Anatta Develops Amazon SES WordPress Plugin

Amazon SES WordPress Plugin with DKIM Support. Click here to get it – more details coming soon