Anatta Operational Innovation

What is Anatta?

Anatta™ Operational Innovation™ consulting and advisory services, provide banks and funds with capability, capacity and confidence to accelerate growth.

Our unique combination of technology, knowledge, passion and approach builds scalable, sustainable solutions, securing their clients long term value and the enabling edge.

In an environment of unprecedented progress, where clients and regulators rule as they have never before, our Anatta™ Operational Innovation™ systems and strategies offer a meaningful and sustainable way to get ahead – and stay ahead – of the pack.

Founded by two senior Hong Kong based banking professionals, we see the opportunities and know how to overcome the challenges faced by finance executives.

  • We are passionate and pioneering
  • We are daring and bold
  • We are approachable and empowering
  • We are dynamic and professional
  • We are innovative and insightful
  • We are vibrant and colourful

How many times have you heard, “everything will be fine when the next system is in place” or, “we’ll be much better once we have established the new team” or, “all we need to do is migrate this work offshore”.

Such changes rarely bring about the level of performance or satisfaction envisaged at the outset because, by the time they get delivered, the organisation, the environment and the nature of the original problem have all evolved. You need to factor continuous evolvement into your business model.

At Anatta, we are constantly broadening the application of our experience and expertise; continually strengthening our ability to be able to address tomorrow’s challenges better than we address those of today.

Change is in our name; it’s what feeds us, drives us and compels us to grow. We help others to embrace it, respect it and to leverage it.

It is this deep understanding of change that provides us, our people and our clients the Enabling Edge.